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Step into the enchanting world of the Marblehead Lighthouse through this captivating video, a labor of love aimed at delivering a cinematic experience straight to your screen. Nestled within its timeless beauty, I’ve interwoven fleeting glimpses of the lighthouse with poignant quotes on the essence of time.

Setting the stage required an early morning rendezvous, the ethereal pre-dawn hour beckoning me to the scene. With the clock ticking towards 4:45 am, I arrived, eager to embark on my visual odyssey. As the first rays of light danced upon the horizon, I launched into the sky, maneuvering to capture the essence of this iconic landmark. Though not a seasoned filmmaker, I seized the moment to craft these snippets, each a testament to the allure of the lighthouse and the inexorable passage of time.

So, I invite you to indulge in these fleeting moments, a mere glimpse into the majesty of Marblehead Lighthouse. Take a peek, and let the magic unfold before your eyes.

DM Creative Studios

Lake Winnipesakee, Gilford NH

Sun was setting as I started a Hyperlapse to see if I could capture a full sunset, unfortunately I ran out of batteries just before the final set. Still not a bad video. Music License from Soundstripe Title Twilight Hearts by Finn’s Fandango

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