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Who is DM Creative?


My name is

Daniel McDonald

Welcome to DM Creative Studios, where the beauty of nature comes to life through the lens of a seasoned photographer and graphic artist with over 40 years of experience. Specializing in landscapes and artistic imagery, apparel, mugs, and home decor as well as digital photos at the best pricing anywhere because Daniel does all the design and graphics directly to print and customer reducing the cost of production and passing the savings on to our customer.

At DM Creative Studios, we believe in the raw power and mesmerizing allure of artistic images and graphics.

Our photo portfolio showcases a passion for long exposure shots, capturing the serene motion of flowing water and the ethereal dance of light and shadows during sunsets and sunrises. With an innate talent for macro photography, we explore the intricate details of the natural world, unveiling its hidden beauty in breathtaking close-ups.

With a dedication to authenticity and a commitment to preserving the essence of nature in every image, DM Creative Studios invites you to embark on a visual journey unlike any other. Whether you’re seeking awe-inspiring landscapes, intimate macro shots, or captivating aerial views, let us bring the beauty of the natural world into your life through our lens.

“I have a fondness for when the landscape becomes surreal.” – Edward Burtynsky


“Landscapes” is a broad term, however, it is the best descriptor. And my best work, because I love to find great landscapes in my work. I often utilize long exposure times to add to the expierence of the image. Need a special shot or location? Reach out today!


I will post video I have created on this website, and I also have a YouTube channel. I could use some likes and subscription if you are so motivated. Here is a link to my YT channel

Sunsets | Sunrises

Aside from my landscape and drone work, just one of many of my favorite subjects, the sunsets and sunrises, I cannot get enough of these. Stay tuned for may more to come.

Social Discord, Human Interest

During Covid and the election in 2020 I was near Portland, Oregon, I took a lot of images of people, and the damage that occurred in and around the city. I had an interesting experience and plan to do more of the journalistic images.


Macro images, I began to find interest and I have a few of my session images, I plan to keep adding more and more challenging shoots of Macro subjects.